World’s Best Mountain Views

The world is a really big place.

It’s about 149,600,000 kilometers from the Earth to the Sun. That’s about 93 million miles or 150 million kilometers for those of you who aren’t used to thinking in imperial units.

And it’s quite a bit bigger than that if you start taking into account all of its seven seas and rounded edges. There are over 192 countries recognized by the United Nations spread across every continent on this planet except Antarctica. In short, there is a lot going on here and we’ve got our work cut out for us if we want to travel everywhere and see everything before we leave this earth again. Luckily, we have HD time-lapse videos like this one.

That’s right, today we are looking at the very best mountain view videos. Mountain ranges are some of the oldest features on earth with some dating back over 60 million years. And despite their age, they continue to change and grow as our tectonic plates shift around the planet. They affect weather patterns, create their own climates, and serve as habitats for all kinds of life forms. On top of that, they provide us with beautiful views that look great in time-lapse.

So sit back, relax and enjoy these spectacular HD video clips featuring the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges!

1. The Mountains of Iceland

There is quite like experiencing nature at its most unspoiled, and you really get that sense while watching this time-lapse video of the mountains in Iceland.

This island country is located just on the edge of our planet’s tectonic plates, giving it the second highest geothermal activity on land. The volcanoes that are formed there do more than just create some incredible views though; they also provide Iceland with most of its power supply. There are hundreds of active volcanoes in Iceland at any given moment, most with their own unique set of peaks, valleys and glaciers.

2. The White Mountains

If you like your prospective views white instead of green, this is the time lapse for you!   The white mountains are located in southwestern China and form part of the Chinese-Myanmar border. At over 4,000 meters tall they are China’s third-highest mountains. During certain seasons, especially the winter months, these peaks really show off their snowier side.

3. The Heart of Greenland

This frozen landscape may look like another planet but it’s actually just a large island that belongs to Denmark called Greenland. It may be covered by ice but at its core, it’s just as rocky as any mountain range on Earth. For those who want to experience all that glacial goodness, there are even adventures that take you into the heart of these glaciers via helicopter or snowmobile.




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