What to Do with Your Home Goods When You Get Cleared Out

So you got the word and it’s time to get out and about. You’ve been cleared through your whole house, and it’s time for all of those unnecessary items to go. What’s next? Well there are a few options:

To sell: If you’re feeling crafty and have some good furniture, than this option will be good for you. Make use of your craftiness and sell some things that you can make cool with paint or something similar, don’t forget to check craigslist.com for local meets before doing the big city sites like eBay and Craigslist, these are great options if you’re in a smaller town with less people who will care about the story behind the items.

If you’ve got a lot of old electronics or computers but want to be responsible, check out e-cycling . My state isn’t listed yet but this is a resource where you can find locations near by. If there aren’t any close by it may be worth checking on google maps to try and figure out which town’s recycling center might take them (make sure they are an electronic recycler for safe disposal).

It’s important to make sure you are recycling correctly, that means if you can’t put it in your garbage bin then try finding the nearest drop off location. Some states have stores for hazardous materials where they will take items if disposed of incorrectly. If none of these options seem viable check out Earth911 because every state has local recycling centers available to use.

If all else fails, contact your township or city clerk and ask about disposal options or even trash services because there may be a good place nearby to get rid of your goods properly.

To donate: Doing this is always a nice option when you are not exactly ready to let go but have no more immediate use for them yourself. Again check out craigslist.com for meets that are free or find a donation center near by, both are options to consider when getting rid of your belongings.

Some places you can get donations picked up are Habitat for Humanity , Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries , or Big Brothers/Big Sisters . Take some time to look for these in the area around you and be sure to check out their website before giving them a call just to see if they have any guidelines about what sorts of things they take.

To keep: If this is an option, then great! If not then why not try selling it? And don’t forget that there are always options for donating items too.

Here’s a list of websites that can help with selling your stuff:

eBay, Amazon, Craigslist.com, Zibbet.com, JBAds.com, SuperAds.ca, Kijiji.ca, Freecycle.org

Also, see if there is a local agricultural supply in your area that will be able to use any tools or machinery before moving them out of the house entirely. You may find someone who could really use a good deal on a chainsaw!



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