What Home Goods to Buy Before a Holiday

As the holiday season approaches it’s time to start thinking about what gifts to buy friends and loved ones. Sure you could head out to your local department store and pick up a gift card, but where is the fun in that? If you’re looking for something with more personality here are some ideas for home goods that will have people thinking of you long after Jan 2.

A waffle maker-

This breakfast treat is always a crowd pleaser. Perfect for when family comes over this Thanksgiving weekend. Just remember everyone needs their sugar fix in the morning right? Why not make them something they can enjoy every day of the year! Available at most major retailers for under $20

Wine bottle holder-

The typical wine enthusiast has a vast collection of vino, but not a lot of ways to display it. This fun and functional wine holder is the perfect addition to any home bar or kitchen counter. It also makes a great conversation starter as guests will be curious as to how this wacky piece works. Each purchase comes with an instructional guide.

Leather toilet paper holder-

What better way to show someone that you appreciate them then by including their bathroom experience? Perfect for those who have been meaning but never got around to installing a European style toilet in your bathroom, this leather toilet paper roll holder adds a touch of class and excitement every time they go number 2! These are only $80 and come preloaded so all you need do is unroll and install.

Custom framed house portrait-

A great gift for dads or moms who are ready to hang up their hat and retire. This unique item takes an architectural drawing of the home, prints it on canvas with state of the art technology, applies a custom frame, and voila! It couldn’t be easier to show everyone how much you care. Price is dependent on square footage of home

Queen size bed sheets emblazoned with your favorite dog breed-

Perfect for those whose pets have passed away but still make a sentimental difference in their life. These high quality bed sheets will remind them every night as they lay down that someone special is always there to keep them company. All profits from these products go towards funding animal shelters around the country. Are you a dog mom or dad? Be the first on your block with these fashionable sheets!

An unbreakable wine glass-

Sometimes you want to enjoy a nice glass of red but don’t want it spilling everywhere as you clean up later on down the line. This brilliant item is exactly what any drinker needs in their life! Does not shatter when dropped, making it the perfect item to have around children and pets. The glass also retains a certain jovial shape that will stand out in any kitchen or bar setting. An added bonus is that this wine glass can go from freezer to oven up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit!

Inflatable frame-

A fun way for kids and adults alike to display their favorite artwork on the living room wall during special occasions. This ingenious device becomes a sturdy frame after 5 minutes of blowing into it with an included electric pump. Each purchase includes 2 frames, 4 colors of paint, and a brush for additional personalization!




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