Ways to Look Beautiful

Like most people, I want to look beautiful. But sometimes I feel like I do not know much about the best ways to be healthy and good looking. So in this article I will tell you some of the things that work for me and hopefully you can try them out too!

A complete breakfast!

Breakfast is a very important meal and should not be missed at all costs. It gives you energy throughout the day and makes sure that your brain functions correctly. Make sure to eat protein, fruit, breads breads and dairy products such as cheese or milk. If you cannot afford all these types of food for breakfast consider buying protein bars which are packed with nutrients but cheaper than regular food items listed above.

Eating 5 fruits a day!

Fruits are very healthy for your body and brain. They provide you with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants that will help you fight diseases or look younger longer. Eating 5 fruits a day can also make great sweet treats during the day when you feel like craving something unhealthy.

Get some sunshine!

The sun is what provides us with vitamin D which is necessary for our system to function properly. Sunbathe everyday without sunscreen on (if it is not too sunny) to get some healthy skin cells and avoid levels of stress that interfere with daily activities such as work or school. Sunlight also helps us sleep better at night which makes sure we wake up refreshed in the morning after 7-8 hours of restful sleep! Eat real food!

Eating real junk food is not healthy, it might have some vitamins but usually these are supplements of the natural vitamin A, C and E. Natural food provides your body with nutrients that are essential for good health. Try to eat as natural as possible whenever you can or visit a local farmer’s market where you can buy fresh produce straight from the farm instead of supermarkets which stock items weeks after they were made. Vitamin D supplements are actually more effective than sunlight!

Get enough sleep

The amount of time we spend sleeping is important because our body needs enough time to repair itself or make new cells etc. It also influences how tired or energized we feel every day. If you find yourself always sleepy during the day despite getting 9 hours of sleep at night then you might benefit from vitamin D supplements or sunlight, try to get some natural sun everyday even if it is for 20 minutes!

Eating balanced meals

Make sure your meal are mostly made up of vegetables and fruit. They provide the body with many healthy nutrients that keep it functioning properly. Add lots of water to make sure your digestive system works fine. If you live in a hot country where having 4 different types of soup every day can be impractical consider buying vitamin water which contains all vitamins deprived by eating only fruits and vegetables! This way you will avoid fatigue, feeling cold etc. which results from missing essential nutrients needed for our cells to function correctly.



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