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Give Your Body the Attention it Deserves

“Waist training is a form of body modification, and should be approached with caution.”

We’ve heard that before from Anais Pouliot , but why does waist training get such a bad rap?

Experts agree that wearing tight undergarments for any amount of time isn’t going to do your body good. Waist trainers are also called waist cinchers, body shapers, or simply corsets. Corset simply refers to the style of garment, not necessarily the material or how tightly it constricts a person’s midsection. Many different materials can be used in modern day “corsets,” including latex and plastic. The original was made from whale bone to shape a woman’s waist into a perfect hourglass. Today, corsets come in a variety of styles and fabrics that promise to help you lose weight, “tighten up,” or just look hotter while wearing them.

There are several different brands of popular corsets on the market today including: Hourglass Angel , YIANNA Waist Training Corset , Ann Chery Workout Waist Cincher – Style #6423 , Rago Shapewear 9163 Luxe Firm Control Panty…the list goes on! There are tons to choose from and they range in price from $50 to over $200 for certain types made with latex .

All promise to shape your body and make you look better naked (that’s a sweet deal, right?) But how can a garment designed to constrict your body and squeeze your organs actually be good for you?

Can wearing a corset shrink my waistline?

Yes. Corset trainers are manufactured to give you that hourglass shape by reducing the size of your waist while simultaneously increasing the size of your hips and bust . This is done by limiting the amount of space available in the midsection, which forces it to squish down into a smaller area. Your ribcage compresses while your hipbones thrust forward.

Well after reading some reviews on Amazon, I guess it works… a few people were able to lose 2″ – 3″ inches from their waists! Some went as far as losing 10 pounds! But at what cost?

Corset training is marketed as the quick, easy way to not only look better in your clothes but also be healthier. It’s claimed that cinchers can do everything from flatten your belly to increase organ mobility and reduce back pain – all by just wearing a “corset trainer.”

But waist trainers are made with latex or plastic boning, which actually have no benefit whatsoever for your body. And according to Men’s Health , constricting yourself by tightly wrapping your midsection isn’t going to help you drop pounds. You’ll probably see some results initially because constricting your waistline sends blood flow away from your stomach, making it feel flatter. But remember it’s doing that trickery by minimizing the amount of space your organs have to do their jobs! They can cause strain and irritation as well as “organ suffocation.”

And as for making your back feel better, wearing a waist trainer just isn’t going to fix anything. Back pain is usually associated with posture or muscle weakness – not an obtrusive piece of fabric sitting around your waist.




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