Skin Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

We try to make our skin as good as it can be, but sometimes we make mistakes that damage its health. Whether you want to prevent wrinkles or acne, smooth out lines and make your skin appear more firm, there are simple ways to keep your complexion looking its best without ruining it. Here are some common skin care and makeup mistakes that could be causing harm:

1. You’re using moisturizer with the incorrect pH for your skin.

When choosing a moisturizer, not all products work the same way – the product’s pH determines how well it will absorb into your pores and lock in moisture. It also means that not every type of skincare product has to have a specific pH level; however, many facial creams fall within a range of between 4 and 7, which is the optimal pH for healthy skin. If you decide to switch up your regimen and need a specific type of moisturizer with a different pH level, make sure you cleanse your skin first!

2. You’re not cleansing thoroughly enough.

When washing your face, it’s important to pay attention to where water meets oil – these are the areas that have dirt and bacteria trapped under them. In order to properly clean every part of your face, you’ll want to take at least two full minutes to massage smaller sections of your face in circles or use a circular motion around each part. Remember: never wash the same spot on the same area twice – this will just push dirt back into pores and not properly clean the skin.

A helpful trick: to avoid over-washing and drying out your face, go under water straight away when you start washing and continue splashing the entire time. This will help keep your pores open so that they don’t get clogged!

3. You’re not using a night cream at night.

The biggest mistake people make with their skincare routine is neglecting nighttime usage of anti-aging products. Although many people think that creams for wrinkle prevention are only necessary in one’s later years, using them before lines even appear can be incredibly beneficial. While it may seem counterintuitive to use a moisturizer while our skin should theoretically be getting drier overnight, a specific type of product called an “oil free moisturizer” will ensure that your skin is hydrated enough to stay elastic and firm.

4. You’re not massaging properly.

Although you might think the only way to massage your face is by patting it, there are other techniques you can use to receive maximum results! If you want to give your face a little extra TLC, try using circular motions all over for two minutes (the same technique as cleansing) or channeling Chi into your hands by rolling them up and down along the sides of the face five times each. While these may feel strange at first, they can truly improve circulation in the face and help avoid wrinkles!

5. You aren’t protecting yourself from UV rays.

The sun’s harmful effects are not limited to wrinkles and sun spots! Some other mistakes you should avoid include using heavy skincare products at the beach, applying too much sunscreen or forgetting about your neck. Our skin is always changing, even when we’re indoors – so try to remember that sunscreen needs to be used every morning just like makeup.



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