Ramen: A Popular and Easy Fishing Bait

Ramen, the cheap little noodle packets that are great for eating but many of us have already thrown away thousands of times, can also be used as good, cheap fishing bait. I decided to experiment with ramen noodles after reading about them on a few different forums and was surprised by the results I got the first time I tried it out.

The next day at work I passed by our break room and saw four half-empty packages of Top Ramen sitting in the trashcan. Suddenly an idea struck me: if they make such durable bait even after being cooked and then dissolved in water; maybe they would hold up to being boiled without dissolving all together? The answer is yes. Surprisingly enough, ramens noodles will NOT dissolve in boiling water, and this allows you to use them as very efficient fishing bait.

Take your cup of ramen and drop it into a pot with some boiling water in it and wait for about five minutes and then fish out the little noodles when you think they are done. The packaging says to cook the noodles in hot water for only 3minutes, but if you want more durable bait, cook them longer. Boil them until they turn white-ish (like they do in the picture) and after they cool down enough to hold comfortably, peel off that salty outer layer on each noodle strip. You can leave the seasoning packet that comes with cooked ramen in or take it out; either one works I guess though I prefer to take it out because I don’t need all that extra flavor for my fishing.

Around these parts, the most common fish you’ll catch with this kind of bait is white perch. Using just one cup of ramen as your hook and weight, you can catch a five-pound bag in no time! The first time I fished with them was during bow season here in New Jersey and we caught so many of those smallmouth bass that we actually had more than we could eat and ended up giving some to our neighbors and throwing some back (nothing wrong with doing this so long as you Fish & Game rules allow it). If you want to use them more than once or twice, which you probably will if they work well, simply take a wooden skewer and poke holes all over the packet of ramen. This will keep them from sticking to whatever bait bucket or tackle box you use and will help ensure that they stay dry and fresh until your next fishing trip.

The other great thing about using ramen as bait is that there’s no real “catching” involved once you’ve learned how to do it properly. Here’s what I mean: just throw out a noodle, drop another one every couple feet (or however far away you want to cast) behind it, and sit back. Once a fish hits the noodle at the end of your line, reel it in! It doesn’t take much effort; this stuff practically catches itself.



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