Body Beauty Treatments You Need to Try ASAP

If you’re tired of shaving, waxing, plucking, and playing with your painful epilator at home—and you’ve got the bank account to prove it—you might be ready for a trip to the spa. There are lots of treatments that are worth shelling out major bucks for (hello, lasers), but don’t waste your time or money on services that you can do yourself at home. Keep reading for four body beauty treatments that give results way better than what any DIY method could ever provide.

But there is one thing we should probably tell you about before you go getting all excited to head to your local dermatologist or aesthetician: These procedures can get pricey. If you’ve never done them before (and don’t even know what they’re all about), you might not know that many micro-current facials, LED light treatments, and dermaplaning sessions cost hundreds of dollars.

This laser body sculpting treatment is a great option if you have a little extra cash to splurge on a spa day. The procedure works by sending pulses of energy through your skin to break up fat cells so your body can remove them more effectively. It’s said to result in fuller-looking breasts after just one session, though it can take multiple sessions to see full results . Depending on the size of the area being treated, this noninvasive procedure costs between $500 and $1,500 per treatment.

$1,500 is quite affordable, relative to other body beautifying services.

If you’re suffering from the unsightly ingrown hairs and razor bumps that can plague women with coarse hair growth—whether it’s caused by shaving or waxing—this treatment will definitely do the trick. During this process, a dermatologist will gently scrape away your skin’s top layer using a blade ( yes , like a straight razor) and then use a small electric current to encourage your hair follicles to grow in correctly. ” The procedure only takes about 20 minutes to complete and is said to last for three months or more ,” says New York City–based dermatologist Howard Murad, M.D . As for how much it’ll cost you? Around $150 .

$150 is pretty standard for the average professional waxing session.

Microdermabrasion is another service that’s best left to the pros, but it can be done at home on occasion (though never before your treatment appointment!) using an electronic rotating brush ($40; ). ” If you try to exfoliate prior to a facial, you’ll irritate your skin and likely end up with redness, broken capillaries , or even infections ,” says New York City–based dermatologist Jeannette Graf , M.D., FAAD. To avoid these issues—and get the cleanest, healthiest-looking skin of your life—use this treatment twice a week after cleansing and before applying any other products or makeup. It costs around $40 for a facial brush, but you can also order it online and give it a whirl yourself at home.




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